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Twice in a Blue Moon As An Adventurous Send Off To Her Childhood, Eighteen Year Old Tate Jones Travels With Her Grandmother From Their Small Town In Northern California To London But The Vacation Of A Lifetime Is Wonderfully Derailed By The Appearance Of Two Charming Vermont Farmers Grandfather Luther And His Handsome Grandson Sam.Sam And Tate Fall Hard And Fast For Two Glorious Weeks, The Couple Share Their Hopes, Dreams, And Secrets Sam Admits He Suspects His Grandfather Is Dying And That This Could Be The Last Trip They Take Together, And Tate Reveals That She Is The Hidden Daughter Of One Of The Biggest Film Stars In The World A Secret She S Never Told Anyone Before.But When Tate Is Exposed By A Crush Of Cameras And Reporters, She Knows She S Been Betrayed By The One Person She Thought She Could Trust She Is Forced To Decide Whether She Will Return To Her Quiet Life Or Embrace Being In The Public Eye So When Sam Reappears In Her World Than A Decade Later, Can Tate Forgive The Past And Rekindle The Passion They Shared On Their Magical Trip Abroad And Does She Even Want To

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    By now, most of you probably know how much I was excited to read this book Well, I ve read it and it wasn tgreat As you can imagine, this has taken quite a toll on me Please respect my privacy during this very difficult time Thank you.With all seriousness, this was the most forgettable and remarkably unremarkable romance that I ve ever read It actually

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    It s so crazy to think that things that I thought only lived in my imagination can be real The one constant threaded throughout Christina Lauren s body of work, chemistry ridden love From meet cute to flirty banter and the intoxicating solidification of feelings, this dynamic writing duo delivers on what romance readers crave Storylines that unfo

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    The Magic Comes LateTwice in a Blue Moon is a second chance romance about first love, heartbreak, and betrayal I am a huge CL fan In no way shape or form is Twice in a Blue Moon Bad, it just lacked the magic of other CL books The beginning reads like a YA novel In the first part of the book, the reader is introduced to 18 year old Tate and her grandmother who are

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    I m kicking myself for not loving this as much as CL s previous novels Perhaps it s just me It s not a bad book by any means, it simply lacked the particular brand of charm I ve come to adore when I pick up one of the duo s novels The publisher stated ahead of time that Twice in a Blue Moon would have a different feel than their zany humorous vibe as of late, but it seemed still wo

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    I wish I could bottle the feelings I experience when I m reading a book by Christina Lauren First there s anticipation, as I ve now read eight of their books, and I just love the way they tell a story Then there s excitement, as the main characters encounter one another and begin the awkward dance of attraction and emotion, tinged with the reluctance of acknowledging their feelings Excitemen

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    3.25 Ho Hum Stars Do you remember that moment when you met and got to know your first love Those looks you exchanged, the heart stopping moments, the minute your breath caught and you got that that jittery feeling in your stomach that amounted to butterflies I do. it was a very long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren almost made me remember what i

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    Many thanks to Rachel at Gallery Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review I want every wish he ever makes to be for this A penny in a fountain The first star An eyelash Eleven eleven Just for one time Dear god, this book fell flat on its face We all know that I LOVED their recent novel, The Unhoneymooners And so I was obviously disappointed when I ended up not enjoying this

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    Another Christina Lauren book with the second chance at love trope Quick Someone CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW

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    4.5 STARS Netgalley ARC He s shaking, shaking under my palm at the back of his neck and my other hand pressed to his chest, feeling his heart under there It s like a treasure in a fortress, this heart I wonder what it s felt, how many times it s beat painfully enough to make him wonder whether he s dying He did that to me.Christina Lauren are one of my most beloved writing duos I actually started reading them when their fan fictio

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