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The Silken Cage Worried To Death About What Had Become Of Her Twin Brother, Peter, Troy Set Off For Morocco To Look For Him However, Her Searching Proved Futile Until Kadir Ben Raschid Unexpectedly Offered His Assistance He Was An Impressive, Powerful Man, And His Help Was Troy S Only Chance So She Allowed Herself To Be Whisked Off To A Desert Oasis, Never Guessing She Was A Pawn In A Game Of Revenge And Love.

About the Author: Rebecca Stratton

Rebecca Stratton wrote two books as a Harlequin Presents author Writing for the Harlequin Romance imprint, she published 43 novels She also wrote under the name Lucy Gillen She passed away in 1982.Biography from Harlequin Romance 2489 The Golden Spaniard When one happens to be an unmarried woman of forty five and apparently fixed for the rest of her working life in a safe and settled job, Reb

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    The heroine was beyond belief stupid and the hero was a jerk It felt like the same plot point was repeated over and over again to pad out the story.

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    This was a bit boring Not much happened The book basically consists of the h trying to escape and failing time and time again Didn t feel the love.

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    Worried to death about what had become of her twin brother, Peter, Troy set off for Morocco to look for him However, her searching proved futile until Kadir ben Raschid unexpectedly offered his assistance He was an impressive, powerful man, and his help was Troy s only chance

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    Bought at the time of publication and a lovely read set in Morocco.

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