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The Secret Commonwealth Why the hell are people rating this book one star when it s not even out yet and there s no way they could possibly have read it It makes me so mad I was excited about La Bella Sauvage AND its sequel, which I imagined would follow Malcum s adventures.But a book with relatively grown up Lyra, set AFTER the original trilogy It s not the stuff dreams are made of, but the stuff I never even dared dream of. lyra silvertongue as a twenty year oldlyra silvertongue as a twenty year old lyra silvertongue as a twenty year old LYRA SILVERTONGUE AS A TWENTY YEAR OLD am actually losin me shit, one of the reasons why la belle sauvage wasn t as good as hdm was because lyra wasn t in it well i mean she was, but she was 8 months old but this BUT THIS 3 5 19 Ayo, after 35 years of waiting, it has a tentative release date La Belle Sauvage was my biggest disappointment of 2017, and yet I keep obsessively checking for the release date for this book I really hope it comes out this year I wants it, Precious And I wants it to be good. I count myself very lucky to have been able to read an advance copy of this book thank you Penguin Random House for making that happen Think back to when you were little and a new book in a series you loved most people insert Harry Potter here was due out, think of the excitement, the anticipation, the thrill of holding that volume in your hands That is how I felt holding this book And that feeling was rewarded tenfold Pullman had worried me a little with La Belle Sauvage He didn t seem to have as firm a grasp on his own world as I would have liked, something seemed off and the language and feel of Oxford didn t tally up with the original Northern Lights Yet here in The Secret Commonwealth is the version of Oxford I fell in love with as an eight year old Here is the Lyra I know so well, here is the steadfast and utterly loyal Pan I longed to have for my own Time unspooled and I was reading with the joy of a child once I can t tell you how grateful I am for that experience I won t fill this review with any spoilers, I will just say that what follows in this deliciously chunky book is an adventure of brilliant scope, filled with chance encounters, bizarre happenings, and a touch of fate Masterfully crafted by Philip Pullman to tie up ends you didn t even know were loose and simultaneously unwind things you believed to be fact, to ultimately reveal an ever shifting and fascinating world.Basically if you ve ever read His Dark Materials even if you skipped La Belle Sauvage Which I don t recommend doing then you ve GOT to read this. EEEEK THE SHORT DESCRIPTION OHMYGLOB THAT COVER IS SO GORGEOUS AND I HAVEN T EVEN READ THE BOOK OF DUST YET PHILIP PULLMAN IS PULLING ME BACK TO THIS WORLD SOBS It Is Twenty Years Since The Events Of La Belle Sauvage The Book Of Dust Volume One Unfolded And Saw The Baby Lyra Belacqua Begin Her Life Changing Journey.It Is Seven Years Since Readers Left Lyra And The Love Of Her Young Life, Will Parry, On A Park Bench In Oxford S Botanic Gardens At The End Of The Ground Breaking, Bestselling His Dark Materials Sequence.Now, In The Secret Commonwealth, We Meet Lyra Silvertongue And She Is No Longer A Child.The Second Volume Of Sir Philip Pullman S The Book Of Dust Sees Lyra, Now Twenty Years Old, And Her Daemon Pantalaimon, Forced To Navigate Their Relationship In A Way They Could Never Have Imagined, And Drawn Into The Complex And Dangerous Factions Of A World That They Had No Idea Existed.Pulled Along On His Own Journey Too Is Malcolm Once A Boy With A Boat And A Mission To Save A Baby From The Flood, Now A Man With A Strong Sense Of Duty And A Desire To Do What Is Right.Theirs Is A World At Once Familiar And Extraordinary, And They Must Travel Far Beyond The Edges Of Oxford, Across Europe And Into Asia, In Search For What Is Lost A City Haunted By Daemons, A Secret At The Heart Of A Desert, And The Mystery Of The Elusive Dust. I don t think I ve ever been excited for a book in my entire life 19 years since that Oxford Botanical Gardens scene Good grief. 05 11 2017 it already has a title

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