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The Pleasant Light of Day Bit of mixed bag Some funny and fast paced and often rather racy stories , including a mix up of soulful literature of the Coelho Alchemist type And also some longish and to my mind rather rambling pieces, mainly about reg Download The Pleasant Light Of Day Author Philip Ceallaigh Philip Ceallaigh S First Collection Of Stories, Notes From A Turkish Whorehouse, Established Him As One Of The Most Vital And Distinctive New Voices In Fiction The Pleasant Light Of Day Confirms His Enormous Talent And Presses Brilliantly Into New Territory Whether He Is Imagining A Father And Son Walking The Streets Of Cairo Or Concocting A Hilarious Parody Of A Certain Wildly Popular Inspirational Writer From Brazil, Philip Ceallaigh Is A Writer Who Demands To Be Read. Wide variety of stories in this collection, making it hard to pinpoint him as a writer All good reads, in that they are imaginative and well written But, none of them were powerul enough to fire my imagination to the point where I could lose sight of the fact that I was r Cam cu de toate, dar nelegat i f r gust. Only read half of the stories and enjoyed the one that gives the title to the book It was nothing special, nothing memorable, just a light reading book you hardly remember you ever read Definitely not my best choice. I liked his Notes from a Turkish Whorehouse and so ordered this from the library straight away they had two copies That was in 2009 Finally got fed up with waiting and boughtumm, not as good as Notes From a Turkish Whorehouse I felt More laterLater I liked about half of the stories The first one was self referential featuring a book called Scenes from a Uzbeck Bordello , and a bit confusing as it jumps from third to first person, however the story of the man and his fuck frenzy and his girlfriend with the bunny doll with the wooden penis was absorbing if a bit icky soaked in vomit, stormy rain, sweat and semen The next story was excellent, funny, weird, unsettling a man is dragged off the street and questioned by the FBI or whoever, because of some remarks he made about the towers coming down during a porn film he was making there s a lot of grungy sex in these stories and he eventually ends up in Guantanamo where he is beaten, waterboarded etc., I d heard of the water torture thing, so I told myself, relax, you re in the hands of professionals Still, there s something about being trussed up and feeling like you re drowning, especially when you re all shaky after a spell in the hole, that makes you shit your pa Cartea e super, traducerea doar ok.

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