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The Isis Covenant (Jamie Saintclaire, #2) AD 64 Roman Centurion Marcus Domitus Leads An Expedition To Find The Mythical Treasure Hidden Deep Inside Queen Dido S Temple.AD 1945 In The Confusion And Chaos Of A Burning Berlin, Two High Powered Nazis Disappear, And So Does A Precious Object.AD 2009 Two Families Are Brutally Tortured And Murdered In Boston And London, The Crimes Linked By A Single Name And A Shared History.Art Recovery Specialist Jamie Saintclair Receives A Call From A Boston Detective, Asking For His Help To Investigate A Brutal Murder She Believes Saintclair Might Hold The Key To Solving The Crime Through His Detailed Knowledge Of Specialist Nazi Units But As They Delve Deeper Into The Sinister World Of The Occult, They Uncover A Dark Secret That Men Have Lusted Over For Than Two Millennia Long Ago, In The Ancient Temple Of Isis, Something Was Stolen, And The Repercussions Have Resonated Through The Centuries Saintclair Must Discover The Truth Before The Curse Claims Victims, And Finally Catches Up With Him.

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    Despite occupying some of the same historical space as my last outing in this genre The Charlemagne Pursuit The Isis Covenant is a muchnuanced, well written and therefore muchconvincing and satisfying read It reads like a proper book, by a proper author who can write properly and doesn t read like a collection of sketched notes and still the outline of a book, like The Charlemagne

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    After reading James Douglas excellent debut thriller The Doomsday Code I couldn t wait to read its follow up The Isis Covenant Jamie Saintclair, the art dealer who seems to attract trouble like bees to honey, is a very likeable hero while, as with the Doomsday Code, the baddies are horrifying The story here has its roots in the Egyptian and Roman past but a significant strand takes plac

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    Second book in the Saintclair series is superior But the author s Rome novels are still better.

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    Loved the twists and turns Good read No puns lol

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    4.5 Stars

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    Couldn t get into it

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    Review The second in this series of books based around art recovery expert Jamie Sinclair Book one the Doomsday testament The Doomsday Testament was a massive and wonderful surprise There are so many thrillers of this type on the market but so many fall short of being a great thriller Something of the quality of an early Jack Higgins WW2 thriller Doomsday Testament was an equal to those books and doubly so beca

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    Some time ago I read the first of James Douglas s Jamie Saintclair thrillers, and I ve been awaiting thne opportunity to get to the second Well, now I ve finally read The Isis Covenant.There is a certain genre of tale that was made popular by Dan Brown, owing to Indiana Jones and revolving around the mystical and the occult in the modern world And despite Brown s fame, there are plenty of writers who, to my mind, ar

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    There are a few authors who are known for a series or genre but also like to have fun in another area Douglas Jackson produces excellent novels set in Roman times, but here with a tweak of his name he is having some fun in the ancient relic escapade game.The tale here is about an ancient relic, The Eye of Isis and it s alleged...

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    The first outing of Jamie Saintclair had me singing his praised as a new man on the block in the world of mystery thrillers and i was looking forward to The Isis Covenant to move on to greater heights and boy did we fly high.Once again James Douglas uses his passion and quality research to again weave a tale that has you page turning way into the night.Saintclair is once again on the trail of a long lost artefact,The Crown of

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