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The Housemistress PDF The Housemistress Author Keira Michelle Telford Capitalsoftworks.co.uk For A Lot Of Seventeen Year Old Girls, Being Sent To A Same Sex Boarding School Would Be A Nightmare For One Simple Reason No Boys But That S Really Not A Problem For Sixth Form Student Rylie Harcourt Instead, What Might Prove Somewhat Difficult To Overcome Is The School S Strict Policy Concerning On Campus Relationships.All Sexual Contact Is Expressly Forbidden Carnal Pursuits Are A Distraction From Learning, So Says The Headmistress, And Virtue Is To Be As Highly Regarded As Education If Not Higher This Harsh Ban On Expressions Of Love Becomes Especially Problematic When Rylie Meets Her New French Housemistress, Vivienne Carriveau, And Attraction Sparks.In A Sexless Environment, Thirty One Year Old Mademoiselle Carriveau Is A Magnet For The Affections Of Her Hormonal, Adolescent Students Competition For Her Attention Is Fierce, And When It Starts To Become Clear That Rylie S Burgeoning Interest In Her Is Reciprocated In Equal Measure, Tension Among The Student Body Rises To A Deadly Level.

About the Author: Keira Michelle Telford

Keira Michelle Telford is an award winning author with a love for the gruesome, the macabre, and the downright filthy She writes dystopian science fiction, contemporary and historical erotic lesbian romance, and other lesbian fiction, often with a focus on age gap relationships.

10 thoughts on “The Housemistress

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    Don t want to belabor the hotness of this book, but it is indeed one of the hottest lesbian fictions I ve ever happened upon Teacher Student done right for an erotic romance, as far as I m concerned Telford s writing style is clean and distinct I like it The two mains recognize their

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    I think this is one of those books that either is for you or isn t view spoiler I get that it s supposed to be edgy and taboo that a teacher is sleeping with her student I mean, how could I not, when we re told many times that it s illegal But it s the precocious, experienced student preying o

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    It was high time I re read The Housemistress by my favorite author Keira Michelle Telford Besides it needed to be shared with book club buddie D I can only say it seems to get better the second time around The delicious build up, the attraction of things forbidden, the slow torture Miss Telford puts us

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    Oh my teacher loving, lesbian heart

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    A smothering hot read that lives up to the delicious cover art This is exactly what it sounds like a teacher student relationship which is wholly inappropriate and illegal , but not any less hot It does have a heavy tabooish vibe, along with some good ol creep vibes, taking in her adolescent body is among them, so yeah,

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    4.2 stars So I didn t get arrested after reading Cadence of My Heart but surely I m on some kind of list now after finishing this book Hi, FBI people I enjoyed this one just as much Her sex scenes are one of the best in lesfic and age gap taboo makes it exciting Her older characters never come off as predators because her younge

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    This was a lot of fun I never read erotica I mean, I have read some fanfic erotica or amateur erotica when I was younger and impressionable, but as I got older I become distant and avoidant with the genre I was worried about how well it would go when it came to reading erotica for my genre challenge I am compl...

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    The book reminds me a little bit of the movie Loving Annabelle, but with a slightly different twist The book is definitely hot, and all in all it s quite an enjoyable read.

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    Tres bonOkay, thats all the french I pretty much know, despite just finishing this novel Very well written with an excellent plot that hasdepth than you might first imagine Its mildly unrealistic in places, like the consequen...

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    Reminds me of a movie and it s killing me that I can t remember the name Anyways back to the book short, interesting, weird and enjoyable.

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