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The Emperors Snuff-Box PDF Epub The Emperors Snuff Box Author John Dickson Carr Beside The Dead Body Of Sir Maurice Lawes Are The Shattered Fragments Of A Snuff Box That Once Belonged To Napoleon These Fragments Tell A Tale, Or Rather Two Tales, One True And One False Now, An English Expert In Criminology Forces The Evidence To Tell The Truth About What Happened And To Point Out The Real Murderer.

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    For fans of Midsomer Murders, this could easily be an episode straight out of the series I definitely did not predict who the murderer was or how the murder happened I think the characters could have used a bitdevelopment and there were some slight misogynistic ...

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    Finally, I have read a John Dickson Carr book This has been one of those authors I ve been wanting to read for a very long time, and now that I ve finally done it, I can see myself reading a lotThis was a mystery that was carefully crafted and full of tension, which is amazing given how short of a period of time the story takes place in Normally, or at least

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    I became hooked on John Dickson Carr when I read The Devil in Velvet His best books were written in the Golden Age of detective fiction, the 1920s, 1930s and early 40s.The author always left a clue in his books as to who had committed the murder Sometimes I could achieve this but other times, as in this book, I couldn t.Based in France, the story begins when Helena, t

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    A neat murder mystery with the main clues hidden in plain sight and a snarky author s voice Dated, especially in respect to the main female characters, but I had an enjoyable time with it.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Good light reading John Dickson Carr wrote many detective stories under several different pseudonyms The Emperor s SnuffBox is representative of the fine stories he created It s based on the classic conundrum of the man having an affair with a married woman They are in a bedroom when they witness a murder bei

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    Eve Neill divorces her husband, only to find him creeping back into her house at night, with the intention of trying to win her back While they argue, they witness the man in the house opposite get his head smashed in while sitting at his desk by the window, studying a newly acquired antique.First of all, I was a little put off by the fact that none of my favorite detectives made an appearance in

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    Interesting mystery I liked the premise, the setting and the characters, though I found the writing style a bit much at times Lines likePower of suggestion, screamed Helena strike me as a little overwrought, and the author s techniq...

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    Agatha Christie I missed you a lot till I found Carr.sorrow gives way to joysurprises are still in store.amazing ending

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    damn what a plot twist

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    Rieccolo Dopo l infelice parentesi data da La Casa e da La corte delle streghe, ritornato il maestro della camera chiusa nella sua forma pi brillante e ingegnosa che io amo tanto E quando questo Carr a regalarmi ore di lettura, non ce n proprio per nessuno Ti volti e l ombra di passaggio che intravedi nel salotto di casa ti pare quella dell assassino, avanzante con passo furtivo e avvolto nel suo impermeabile nero senti un improvviso fi

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