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The Complete Idiot's Guide to U.S. History, Graphic Illustrated This was by far one of the funnest books I ve read in a really long time Not only is it fun to read, but I think the author chooses some very essential parts of history, while throwing in some humor as well I would highly recommend this book to anyone, be it a history buff, graphic PDF Epub The Complete Idiot S Guide To U.S History, Graphic Illustrated Author Kenneth Hite Petrasrobert.eu History Comes Alive Presented In A High Impact, Graphic Novel Format, The Complete Idiot S Guide R To U.S History, Graphic Illustrated Is A Visually Exciting And Easy To Understand Alternative To Boring Textbooks Innovative Design And Lively Illustrations Transport Readers Back In Time To Witness These Events And The Changing Lives Of The Native Americans The Abolishment Of Slavery The Achievement Of Suffrage The Scandals, Wars, And Assassinations Of The Twentieth Century America S Famous And Infamous Historical Figures A breath taking run through U.S History of the domestic kind in comic form I found it way too rushed and quite ordinary, though I did chuckle a coupe of times.The level of history taught is a very basic high school level though it does cover the history of the U.S from the revolutionary times to the election of Barack Obama as president This is not surprising given that the audience of the book are complete idiots, and such people must be given a superstructure on which to hang details, nuances, and controversies later on if later on ever comes for them.The history taught is fairly domestic No real attempt is shown to place the U.S into the context of world history, except insofar as world history intrudes upon domestic history And an attempt is made to touch upon those cultural things which have a specific American flavor, such as jazz, the birth of mass production, and the birth of mass media indoctrination.One significant problem that I have with the book and which may be inevitable given its aim and its audience is how it brushes away the atrocities that the U.S has committed over its history under the subtext of humor Thus the pillaging of Mexico while actually mentioned is merely an opportunity for laughs Similarly with the other atrocities except perhaps the ones committ Excellent short and educating b g to US history What is is what it is, a very concise history of the U.S Not very deep but well written and illustrated, a great and quick read Entertaining, fun and occasionally thoughtful, showing the communicative power of comics too AND funny It doesn t get 4 stars as it is too brief, leaves you wanting. Very nice, but with a right wing bias Humorous, thorough, respectful of minorities and Native Americans, but said Thomas Jefferson was allied with Republicans repeated it six times without ever revealing those Republicans had nothing to do with the Republican Party Painted everything FDR did as shady, even the New Deal and Social Security and wrote off any responsibility Reagan had for Iran Contra the stratospheric rise in poverty homelessness A The Complete Idiot s Guide to U.S History Graphic Illustrated , in many ways, is a worthwhile outline of some aspects of American history, though, in truth, it is a deeply flawed and deeply biased work In general, there is a lot labor history in this book than I expected though some of Hite s coverage of labor history is appalling , and that is a good thing It is written in an often witty and sometimes genuinely humorous manner that actually in enjoyable to read, especially when accompanied with the illustrations of Hendrix However, there is a very strange right wing bias that pervades much of the work For example, I have read many books on American history, and I have seldom read a biased attack against FDR than Hite s He attacks FDR and his policies, from Social Security to all aspects of the New Deal and later Johnson s Great Society programs mercilessly Even troubling, the last section Part Five covering 1945 now, is actually titled Tear Down this Wall , and there is a long quote from Ronald Reagan beginning the chapter evidence of the insipid and plastic idolatrous cult of this truly Teflon and demented icon for unbridled corporate avarice As someone who grew up in the deteriorating Rust Belt of Michigan during the Reagan era and saw the country taken into 3 trillion dollars worth of debt under his bloated military expenditures, his support for the unprecedented rise of corrupt finance capital and unmitigated corporate power at the expens

About the Author: Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite born September 15, 1965 is a writer and role playing game designer Author of Trail of Cthulhu and Night s Black Agents role playing games, Hite has been announced as the lead designer of the upcoming 5th edition of Vampire the Masquerade.

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