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The Binder of Lost Stories What a treat I just knew when I started this that it was going to be a special book.I loved it.It was right up my alley Sofia is feeling lost She knows she needs to leave her husband She tried to be everything that he wanted and she lost herself in the process She has to be honest with herself that she s lost everything she cared about in life.One day she wanders into a book store by her grandparents home The owner gives her a book written by one of her favorite authors It s in terrible condition but Sofia has learned to book bind and is actually well qualified to get the book restored.After Sofia takes the book home, she finds a shocking surprise There is actually a handwritten letter hidden within the book.The owner advises her to contact a man that Sofia has met in passing The man, Tomaso, is a handwriting expert He should be able to help Sofia uncover the details regarding the mysterious letter writer, Clarice.This story leads to an exciting quest for a secret book.I loved it I got to read an early ebook edition from NetGalley Thank you for sharing it with me From International Bestselling Author Cristina Caboni Comes An Exquisite And Engrossing Novel Of Two Women, Centuries Apart, Bound By A Love Of Books And A Longing For Self DiscoveryWith Her Delicate Touch, Sofia Bauer Restores Books To Their Original Splendor In This Art She Finds Refuge From Her Crumbling Marriage And The Feeling That Her Once Vibrant Life Is Slipping Away Then An Antique German Edition Takes Her Breath Away Slipped Covertly Into The Endpapers Is An Intriguing Missive, The First Part Of A Secret From One Bookbinder To AnotherTwo Hundred Years Ago, Clarice Von Harmel Defied The Constraints Of Family And Society To Engage In A Profession Forbidden To Women Within Three Separate Volumes, Clarice Bound Her Own Hidden Story Filled With Pain, Longing, And Love Beyond All Reason A Confession That Now Crosses Centuries To Touch The Heart Of A StrangerWith The Help Of Book Collector Tomaso Leoni, Sofia Connects The Threads Of Clarice S Past, Page By Page, Line By Line, Town By Town She S Determined To Make Clarice S Voice Heard With Each New Revelation, Clarice Is Giving Sofia The Courage To Find Her Own Voice And Hope For The Future She Thought Was Lost Thank you to the team at NetGalley for my copy of this bookThis is such a sweet and austere story of finding love not with another person but love for yourself Love enough to start again.Sofia is a woman who has given up everything for the man she married, basically because she believes that that s what being married is She quit her job as a librarian, she removed herself from friendship circles and from her passion for books only to wake up one day and realise that her husband doesn t love her and she doesn t love him We she tries to leave him, he suggests having a baby to keep her amused Once she develops the courage to leave him, she simultaneously finds a hidden story of a woman, Clarice, also struggling to overcome the obstacles left in her wake.As she embarks on the journey to tell Clarice s story, what she ultimately uncovers is herself.I love the bookish elements of this story and I love the austerity with which the tale is written It s not flowery of poetic but it delivers a depth of emotion that lingers long after you finish A fantastic read for anyone who loves books and writing but also for the exquisite european setting A wonderfully told tale. I just finished this book and I fell in love This is the story of a mystery discovered in a book It is also a journey to finding oneself again I read this in one day staying up late to finish it This is a story about the love of books and those who bind them It is a story across centuries It takes you across Europe and leaves you with a story that you can t let go I can t wait to read from this author.I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy free of charge This is my honest and unbiased opinion of it. This book is about Sophia, a woman who is in search of herself while she tries to distance herself from her husband While her story is being told, it is intermingled with chapters about Clarice, a woman who lived during the 1800 s who s life gets noticed by Sophia through books The overall story was fascinating and I really enjoyed the back and forth chapters of different characters perspectives What I especially enjoyed was the eclectic topic of book binding which is a lost art with today s technology and it was definitely a different approach than other books However, I felt it was quite slow building up and some parts could have been executed in a way that could have included suspense to make it a page turner and keep the reader interested This book is for you if you are looking for a light read. Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book.What a beautiful story of a woman who finds what it means to love herself again As a woman, this book is entirely relatable in the sense that a woman loses her identity when she becomes married and finds it again in time How many women go through something similar to that I can personally relate This story takes us throughout many emotions, travels and friendships as a woman finds herself again. What a lovely story Sofia s life changes when she decides to leave her controlling husband at the same time as an old book by an author she admires comes into her hands She discovers handwritten notes in the margins of the book and a letter hidden in the binding This sets her on a quest to find out about the author of the notes and letter, with the assistance of Tomaso a graphologist struggling with the consequences of a family betrayal.The story is told in dual timelines through Sofia as her search for answers helps her to re discover herself, and the writer of the notes and letter, Clarice, is revealed through her letters and flashbacks to the 19th century This was a lovely read with mystery, family dynamics and romance. Review first published on my blog I m currently reading The binder of lost stories by Cristina Caboni I got this book from Netgalley and can therefore read it for free, which I m very thankfull for So far I m really loving this Every chapter begins with a quote from another book, this quote plays a part in that chapter, and it s just amazing De maincharacter is lovely as well I m really looking forward to seeing where this will go Maybe this is even going to be a 5 star read I loved this book It was so great The story was really interesting, well thought out and amazingly written The characters were relatable and I got to know them well I can t explain well why I loved this book so much, because it just made me feel good I gave it 5 stars

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