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Snowleg Ebook Snowleg Author Nicholas Shakespeare Nature Explore.eu When Sixteen Year Old Peter Hithersay Discovers That His Father Is Not The Affable Englishman Married To His Mother But An East German Political Dissident With Whom She Had A Brief Affair In The 1960s, He Travels, In Search Of His Past, To Leipzig There He Falls In Love With A Beautiful Young Woman Who Is Beginning To Question The Way Her Society Is Governed But Their Romance Ends Quickly And Badly When His Scheme To Smuggle Her Out Of The Country Goes Awry And He Is Forced To Return To England.When The Two Germanies Are Reunited Nineteen Years Later, Peter Goes Back To Look For The Woman He Has Never Stopped Loving But His Only Clues Are The Nickname He Gave Her, Snowleg, And The Archives Of The State That Drove Them Apart.In Snowleg, Nicholas Shakespeare Explores To Devastating Effect The Unassailable Dictates Of Love And Politics.

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    This novel visits East Germany before and after reunification, and evokes the atmosphere, the sights and sounds of the time, very successfully In it, Peter an English student learns his father is not the man who brought him up but an unnamed East German political prisoner This changes his life and he sets out to become German, l

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    It s a love story, actually Peter grew up in a typical English family, with parents and a sister But when Peter was 17 years old, her mother told him that he was actually a half German His real father was an East German, whom his mother met for only a very brief of time.From then on, Peter life changed He went to East Ger...

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    When I first started to read this book, I thought it wasn t going to be one that I liked But as I got deeper into the book, I find that I wanted to knowabout the characters It just had a slow start.Peter is looking for Snowleg , the girl he met in Leipzig and had a brief affair with He was smitten with her and fell in love But he did a shameful thi

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    One of the most important myths describing the adult male in Occidental society, in my opinion, is Eugene Onegin This is a great telling of that story This is a profound and beautiful book.

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    N o esperava tal volume, apesar de j ter lido deste autor A Paix o de Elena Silves e as 769 p ginas da biografia de Bruce Chatwin escritor de excep o e ser humano execr vel Foi delicioso Passavam as p ginas e custava abandon lo noite de tal forma me envolvi na vida deste rapaz que descobre aos 16 anos ser filho de uma rela o fortuita da sua m e inglesa com um preso po

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    Parts of this novel were good Others were not I don t think it captured the atmosphere of eastern Germany Or the west for that matter I liked the opening pages I started to dislike it when Rodney started to speak to his father in law in an offensive way.I didn t really care about any of the characters least of all Peter who was just a sexist bore boar.The author attempts to be

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    Really enjoyed this book about coming to terms with who you are and the possible consequences of what you have done Set at the time of East West Germany and the Berlin wall it follows the journey of one man who, after a startling discovery on his 16th birthday, is trying to discover his roots This takes him acroos the channel and behind the wall where his brief visit has a knock on effec

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    I had high expectations for a book written by someone named Shakespeare , and I was very dissapointed There are just so many problems with this book dull characters, poor writing, bad plot devices, a couple of historical errors, a really uninteresting story Oh dear It WAS easy to read though.

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    If you got into the recent German film The Lives of Others Das Leben der Anderen , you should definitely pick up this book to get another taste of life under the Stasi It was cool to read it while hanging out in the Leipzi...

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    Picked this up in a charity book shop, it sounded interesting and I do enjoy books set in communist Europe Russia It was going to be a hit or a miss, and I was definitey a hit Loved this novel, a great world to get lost in And I loved Shakespeare as an author I intend to read

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