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Scandal! Good for someone who loves to gossip hahaha this book even cerita pasal the scandalous royal from as early as 1700 call me ignorant but i don t really know thembut still i read it till the last page What Makes A Good Scandal Money, Politics And Power, And A Huge Dose Of Media InterestScandal Reigns In The World Of Politics, Celebrity, Business, Religion, Royalty And Art, And This Book Covers It All From Watergate To Michael Jackson, Diana To Oscar Wilde Distinguished Writer Colin Wilson Delves Into The Murky Intrigues Of British And American Life To Bring The Most Scandalous Secrets To LightContaining Brand New Chapters On Michael Jackson, ENRON, The Death Of David Kelly, The Catholic Church Sex Scandals And The Cash For Honours Scandal, And An Updated Chapter On OJ Simpson, Here Are The Embarrassing True Stories The Rich And Famous Tried But Failed To Hide

About the Author: Colin Wilson

Librarian Note There isthan one author by this name in the Goodreads database.Colin Henry Wilson was born and raised in Leicester, England, U.K He left school at 16, worked in factories and various occupations, and read in his spare time When Wilson was 24, Gollancz published The Outsider 1956 which examines the role of the social outsider in seminal works of various key literary and cultural figures These include Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, William James, T E Lawrence, Vaslav Nijinsky and Vincent Van Gogh and Wilson discusses his perception of Social alienation in their work The book was a best seller and helped popularize existentialism in Britain Critical praise though, was short lived and Wilson was soon widely criticized.Wilson s works after The Outsider focused on positive aspects of human psychology, such as peak experiences and the narrowness of consciousness He admired the humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow and corresponded with him Wilson wrote The War Against Sleep The Philosophy of Gurdjieff on the life, work and philosophy of G I Gurdjieff and an accessible introduction to the Greek Armenian mystic in 1980 He argues throughout his work that the existentialist focus on defeat or nausea is only a partial representation of reality and that there is no particular reason for accepting it Wilson views normal, everyday consciousness buffeted by the moment, as blinkered and argues that it should not be accepted as showing us the truth about reality This blinkering has some evolutionary advantages in that it stops us from being completely immersed in wonder, or in the huge stream of events, and hence unable to act However, to live properly we need to accessthan this everyday consciousness Wilson believes that our peak experiences of joy and meaningfulness are as real as our experiences of angst and, since we arefully alive at these moments, they arereal These experiences can be cultivated through concentration, paying attention, relaxation and certain types of work.

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