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Nox Dormienda Arcturus The Half Roman Doctor And Occasional Problem Solver Has Seen Much In His Thirty Three Years He Is Agricola S Doctor And Friend And Agricola Is The Governor Of Britannia On A Frozen December Afternoon, He Learns The Governor Is In Trouble The Emperor Domitian Has Sent A Spy To Britannia A Spy Carrying Papers Demanding Agricola S Resignation It Doesn T Make Arcturus Any Warmer To Know That The Spy, Vibius Maecenas, Is Betrothed To The Woman Who Brings Him The Story The Woman Gwyna Is As Unforgettable As Her Information When Arcturus Sends His Freedman Bilicho To Follow Her, He Finds Himself, Hours Later, In An Underground Temple, Staring At A Shapeless Hulk On Top Of The Altar It S The Trussed Body Of Maecenas, With A Gaping Hole In Place Of A Throat If Arcturus Doesn T Find Out Who Murdered Him And Why, Domitian Might Think The Governor Is Responsible The Dead Maecenas Will Ignite A Civil War, One Hot Enough To Thaw The Ice In Frozen Britannia

About the Author: Kelli Stanley

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Nox Dormienda book, this is one of the most wanted Kelli Stanley author readers around the world.

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    It s Roman Britain Agricola is governor, and our hero Arcturus is his half Roman half British physician, who solves mysteries on the side A rich man shows up in Londinium and a beautiful woman incidentally the man s fiancee shows up at Arcturus door

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    What does a Classics scholar do for fun Author Kelli Stanley has a Classics education and an astonishingly wide range of interests and achievements It s our good luck that one of her interests is noir fiction, or in this case the roman noir, a nice little pun desc

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    I love noir and I love historical fiction Nox Dormienda captures both elements in a seamless blend of classic noir with ancient Rome in a well written, suspenseful and funny mystery novel I can t wait for the next in the series

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    This is my kind of noir A historic mystery with sympathetic characters, a fast paced plot, and witty dialogue.

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    The morning staggered by, still looking for a party Saturnalia was officially over two days ago unofficially there were still cockfights and dice throws,wine soaked quickies and the odor of vomit filling every alley Welcome to Kelli Stanley s world of Roman noir I have enjoyed detecti

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    This new mystery series is set in Roman occupied Britain The governor, Agricola, has subdued the Britons and built a fragile peace after the terrible destruction of the Druids sacred isle of Mona and the defeat of Boudicca But the balance is precarious, the Romans and the natives barely tole

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    With so many mystery novels to choose from, it s rare to find a fresh voice But Arcturus is just that in Nox Dormienda translated a long night for sleeping A history lover and writer myself, I was interested in seeing how author Kelli Stanley handled the Roman era of the first century C.E I was imp

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