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Luca Vitiello (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, # 0.5) PDF Epub Luca Vitiello Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles, 0.5 By Cora Reilly Thomashillier.co.uk I Was Born A Monster Cruelty Ran In My Veins Like Poison It Ran In The Veins Of Every Vitiello Man, Passed On From Father To Son, An Endless Spiral Of Monstrosity A Born Monster Shaped Into An Even Worse Monster By My Father S Blade And Fists And Harsh Words I Was Raised To Become Capo, To Rule Without Mercy, To Dish Out Brutality Without A Second Thought.Raised To Break Others When Aria Was Given To Me In Marriage, Everyone Waited With Baited Breath To See How Fast I D Break Her Like My Father Broke His Women How I D Crush Her Innocence And Kindness With The Force Of My Cruelty.Breaking Her Would Have Taken Little Effort It Came Naturally To Me.I Was Gladly The Monster Everyone Feared Until Her Bound By Honor In Luca S POV And A Few Scenes From His Childhood Teenage Years Can Be Read Without Reading The Other Books In The Series This is a re telling of Bound by Honor, but told entirely from the H s perspective There isn t much new information to add, except for Luca s childhood years and his role in his evil father s death The rest of the storyline remained the same, but it was extra enlightening to see that the H was a lot sensitive and vulnerable than we d been led to expect i 5 stars I devour it, it was simply amazing and imagine that still I haven t read Bound by Honor so I need to read it immediately I didn t expect to like it so much but I was hooked and I couldn t get enough of Aria and Luca I wanted than that With Aria, I simply wanted I wanted all of her, every little thing, not just her body, also her smiles and her closeness and her astonished gasps and breathless moans I tightened my arm around her I read this one in one sitting, it was fast pa She knew what I was, and for some reason that made me want to be good to her, to show her that there was than brutality At least when she was concerned When I was reading Bound by Honor long time ago I ve dreamed about learning Luca s thoughts and my prayers have been finally answered Cora Reilly gave the voice to her hottest mobster, who makes us fall in love with him again But this book is not just Luca and Aria s love story from his point of view It s also an insight into his past and informations about the monumental events that have an impact on his character and made him lethal and violent Capo But the most important thing Luca Vitiello is the image of his developing feelings towards the innocent Aria Scuderi a woman who was first his wife and later the love of his life.Cora Reilly perfectly illustrated every Luca s thought I was hooked with every single one sentence that was on the pages of this story and I still crave Luca is the type of anti hero who can t not be loved Although he s a bad guy, we re still looking for good qualities in him And his POV gives us many reasons for our worship for his character to grow even Because he s so much than a cruel, violent and merciless monster he was raised t ARC provided in exchange for an honest review First of all you should know that this book is Bound By Honor told from Luca s POV and a few new scenes from his childhood and teenage years But it can be read as a stand alone Normally, I am not really interested in reading the same book told from a different POV However, I read Bound by Honor almost five years ago and forgot most of what happened, so I decided to give this book a go I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed reading Luca and Aria s story again Cora Reilly s writing style has such a great flow and keeps you engaged The story is sexy, suspenseful, dark and romantic.I loved seeing how Luca experienced everything with Ari, and how he came to the decisions he made Is he a good guy No, he is an anti hero but not a cruel one Did he make mistakes and messed up Of course he did However, he is a product of his environment so you can t judge him the way you would the heroes in your contemporary romance But he also did a 4 Luca Vitiello is addictive starsI was gladly the monster everyone feared Until her Until Aria And that s the honest truth, guys Luca Vitiello is addictive and you re never going to get bored by seeing him around in the books of this series Yes, we have heard his POV again in Bound by love , but that book was afterThis book was before and during the events of the first book in the series, Bound by honor I love this man and i loved that i found out about himNope, his dark side didn t bother me at all It just made him human in my eyes This was Luca s story since he was a child and he had to witness his mother s death We found out about him and how he became the most ruthless person in the Famiglia..He was born to be a Capo, and even though it was his given right, he had to work hard to become the head of the famigliaHis father was a soulless monster, and he inflicted to Luca and Matteo that love was a weakness..Luca was dark, dangerous and lethal He had no feelings, he had no heart Until herIt was still strange to think that she was really mine, that she would be mine until the very end This wasn t for one night or a few weeks of mindless pleasure This wasn t no strings attached This was forever, for bot I loved Bound by Honor and Luca Vitiello I couldn t get enough of his story.So when Bound by Love came out I was thrilled The story from Arias POV While parts of that book were good I wished I d never picked it up in the first place It turns out Aria is not just annoying but an absolute idiot.Then came this book Luca Vitiello After Bound by Love I wasn After reading Luca Vitiello I can honestly say I don t think I could love Cora Reilly s words than I do right now She provided some much needed insight into the man, the leader and the Capo that we have always loved but with so much breathtaking depth that it was nothing less than captivating The picture she painted of him with his painful and strict and often brutal childhood was so vivid and rich in details and emotion I loved every brilliant word More than anything I loved being in Luca s head to see and experience his thoughts and feelings for Aria Everything you thought you knew from Bound By Honor was magnified a hundred times HOLY FUCK It s MY MAN S COVER I m so excited for this book So fucking excited Like, think of the one time you were the most excited and times that by a million THATS how excited I am.My Capo.My love. I can t say this prequel is a novella Luca Vitiello is a full length novel told in Luca s point of view in Bound by Honor Additionally, we get to read a bit of his childhood and wilder days I unexpectedly enjoyed this and you might find some scenes repetitive It was nice to know Luca s thoughts and his feelings for Aria The best part for me was when he regrets his mistakes and felt shitty about it Overal

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