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Kissing a Frog Kissing A Frog Will Be Your Gameplan For Realizing Your True Possibilities Sharlene Wells Hawkes Helps You To Discover And Accentuate Your Natural Strengths While Developing In Areas That Stretch Your Comfort Zones And Help You Achieve Greater Success

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    I got to know Charlie, oh so many years ago, when we were 18 We shared a wall in the dorms Although I haven t been in touch with her for over a decade, I remember her as an amazing lady with a fun sense of humor I came across her book in the library while looking for another book I picked it up fo

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    A good, motivating book to help you step out of your comfort zone and accomplish new things Most interesting to me were Hawkes personal experiences as Miss America and as an ESPN reporter She also shared lots of motivational stories from famous athletes she s met She seems down to earth and likeable.

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    I loved this book It is written by a former Miss Utah who also became Miss America I read a chapter every night before bed while I was training for my marathon She writes about courageous people she met while she was a reporter for ESPN It helped me become a better runner and aconfident person.

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    Some of the stories that she uses are heart wrenching All of the stories are true Others are inspirational.

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    Best book to find your self.

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    Very talented Writer I am beginning to think there is nothing she can t do Song writer, Author, Mrs America.

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    Cute book, motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

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    I love when books get me to start stepping out of my comfort zone This one does that.

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    Wonderful book Encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

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