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Kamba Ramayana A Masterly Translation Of The Tamil Version Of Ramayana The Epic Story Of Rama, Which Is Part Of The Indian Collective Consciousness, Has Been Retold In Many Regional Languages Pre Eminent Among The Many Vernacular Retellings Of The Ramayana Is The Twelfth Century Tamil Version By Kamban The Son Of A Temple Drummer, Kamban Is Reputed To Have Had An Impressive Mastery Of Tamil And Sanskrit Classics Fascinated By The Lore Of Ramayana, He Immersed Himself Totally In It Though Kamban Acknowledges His Indebtedness To The Sanskrit Version Of The Ramayana By Valmiki, His Is An Independent Work, Enriched By Various Religious, Philosophical And Literary Influences The Kamba Ramayana Differs From Valmiki S In Significant Ways Though Cast In The Heroic Mould Of A Purushotama Or The Best Among Men , Valmiki S Rama Is Still A Man Kamban, On The Other Hand, Never Allows The Reader To Forget The Godhood Of Rama His Ravana Too, Though Flawed, Is A Heroic Figure While Valmiki S Diction Is Sparse And Direct, Kamban S Exuberant Prose Sparkles With Wit And Inventiveness Translated Into English By The Late PS Sundaram, This Edition Has Been Abridged And Edited By His Long Time Friend NS Jagannathan Though Pared Down From The Original Six Volumes To A Single One, This Translation Retains The Magic And Poetry Of The Original

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    Review The Kamba Ramayana A Grand Treat For Eyes Heart And MindWritten by Kamban originally in Tamil Translated by P.S SundaramEdited by N.S JagganathanPenguin has done a great job by publishing this unnoticed and hidden gem not known to many a people due to language barrier The translation in English has opened its

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    A retelling of the Ramayana story of Indian mythical culture Rama pursues his abducted wife to the Island of the great King of the demons, Ravana To be honest, I didn t think it differed much from the usually accepted telling of this tale, oh well, anyhow

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    Translated by R.K Narayan, Kamban s R m yana presents a captivating retelling of one of Southern Asia s most culturally prevalent stories through the lens of the Hindu Vaisnaviite tradition As a fundamental text in the religious traditions of South Asia, the R m yana must taken asthan a story of exposition, rising action, clim

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    The Ramavataram or Kamba Ramayanam of Kamban is an epic of about 11,000 stanzas as opposed to Valmiki s 24000 couplets The Rama avataram or Rama kathai as it was originally called was accepted into the holy precincts in the presence of Vaishnava Acharya Nathamuni Kamba Ramayana is not a translation of the Sanskrit epic by Valmiki,

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