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Hideaway It s 2001 and on the Big Sur the family of recently deceased Hollywood icon Liam Sullivan 92 are holding a memorial The day goes well although there are tensions between his grandson Aidan and his high maintenance wife Charlotte who wants to get away from Sullivan s Nest as fast as possible The great grandchildren are playing in the large, secure grounds and the final game is hide and seek Aidan s daughter, Caitlyn Ryan Sullivan knows just the place to hide and win the game with her cousins The unthinkable happens and Caitlyn is kidnapped and a ransom of ten million is demanded As the site is so secure it becomes clear this is an inside job The story is told principally by Caitlyn and takes us from 2001 to the present day There are a number of elements I like about this book The Sullivan family with one exception are very likeable and they all have a lovely bond which is heartwarming The care and devotion they show to Caitlyn comes across well There is another family that are important characters too Caitlyn is helped after the kidnap by the Cooper family grandma Maggie, mother Julia and son Dillon who is close in age to Caitlyn They are all delightful characters and I love their lifestyle on their farm The characters are the strongest element in the book in my opinion The locations are wonderful too and the book brought back lovely memories especially of the Big Sur However, although I like the book I didn t love it for the following reasons It s all a bit predictable, the insider for the kidnapping is obvious from the get go and these characters feel stereotypical There isn t enough suspense or fear created and to me it s a love story between the families and Caitlyn and Dillon than a suspense novel The elements of hate, revenge and greed are not strong enough either in my opinion The ending should have been much dramatic and I think it sort of fizzles out Overall, very good characters and a heartwarming story of Caitlyn s survival and love but unfortunately it s not very memorable Many thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown Book Group for the ARC. A Family Ranch In Big Sur Country And A Legacy Of Hollywood Royalty Set The Stage For Nora Roberts Emotional New Suspense NovelCaitlyn Sullivan, A Daughter Of Hollywood Royalty, Was Already A Star At Ten, But Still Loved To Play Hide And Seek With Her Cousins At The Family Home In Big Sur It Was During One Of Those Games That She DisappearedDespite Her Glamorous Background, Cate Was A Shrewd, Scrappy Survivor, And She Managed To Escape Her Abductors Dillon Cooper Was Shocked To Find The Bruised And Terrified Girl Huddled In His Ranch House Kitchen But When The Teenager And His Family Heard Her Story They Provided Refuge And Comfort, Reuniting Her With Her Loved OnesCate S Ordeal, Though, Was Far From Over First Came The Discovery Of A Betrayal That Would Send Someone She D Trusted To Prison Then There Were Years Away In Ireland, Sheltered And Protected But With Restlessness Growing In Her Soul Then, Finally, She Returned To Los Angeles, Hoping To Act Again And Get Past The Trauma That Had Derailed Her Life What She Didn T Yet Know Was That Two Seeds Had Been Planted That Long Ago Night One Of A Great Love, And One Of A Terrible Vengeance This book is about the The Sullivan family, who are a big and famous family The story starts of in 2001 The Sullivan family are honouring Liam Sullivan on their estate in Big Sur Caitlyn the daughter of Aidan and Charlotte is kidnapped while they are there and that leads to the future story in the book Catilyn is main narative from 2001 to the present time I hard time reading this book The characters especially one character who was awful and certain aspects of the story i found rather predictable overall This my first read from this author so hopefully my next one will be successful My rating for this book is 2.5.I received a ARC from Netgalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for an objection review. More suspense than romance although it s a satisfying romance and of a family story than either.Cate Sullivan s life changed when she was kidnapped as a child Her mother s continuing betrayal shapes her life, as does her remaining, close knit family, and the good friends who helped her After a number of false starts, she finds her place and true love.Recommended. 2.5 stars rounded up I went into this book with high hopes and I was happy and I stayed that way for maybe the first 1 4 of the book The crime itself was clever and the reason s for it, well, cliched but they are cliches for a good reason sometimes After that Hideaway became an over cliched mess of repetition, oh poor me s, underdeveloped characters and overstuffed with useless descriptions of land, house, clothes, etc that didn t help the story along one little bit it was just filler And did I mention the repetition in this book I felt this was used to pad the book as I felt this book was dragged out to the nth degree I feel like the book would have been wonderful had they cut it by about 100 pages.I did learn a lot about voice acting though and that was interesting ARC supplied by the publisher. Suspense and romance wrapped up in a finding yourself novel that kept my interest The whole family was super interesting each family member had its own share of secrets and mystery..the kind of person you want as a friend and the type of person you want to spend time with. This is another strong entry in the Nora Roberts collection of stories Once again, Roberts proves she knows how to create and build families and settings I absolutelyl loved reading about the Sullivan family and Dillon s family ranch She details each setting and character so well, you are drawn into them The only thing keeping this work from a ten is that the romance portion of the book was weak It doesn t come in until towards the end and feels a bit too easy and predictable The end of the mystery portion of the book was not surprising but was resolved well. Hideaway introduces us to the Sullivan family a Hollywood dynasty In 2001, the death of the family patriarch Liam Sullivan brings the family to Big Sur to celebrate his life His 10 year old great granddaughter Caitlyn Cate is kidnapped and held for a ransom of 10 million The police quickly determine that this was an inside job The kidnapping and those responsible impact Cate throughout her young life The majority of the book takes place when Cate is in her late twenties and is trying to establish herself in her career and establish long term relationships while still dealing with old fears and new threats While there are some elements of suspense in Hideaway, this is a story about family and relationships The strong support of the Sullivan family and the Moore family, who own a nearby ranch farm, offer appealing and well developed characters.The mystery of the book is not hard to solve but the warmth of the families is what I liked about the book The romance comes late in the book and is not the primary focus although it s a sweet one Hideaway is a light, fast paced read that was relaxing and enjoyable Many thanks to Edelweiss, St Martin s Press and Nora Roberts for an advance copy Review to be posted on MicheleReader.com closer to its May 26, 2020 publication date. Thank you to Edelweiss for an advanced reader copy of this book for an honest review.First I have to say that I love Nora Roberts I ve read most of her books Hideaway was not a disappointment at all The story starts out with the kidnapping of Cate at the age of 10 at a Sullivan family get together It follows Cate through her life as she deals with the day she was kidnap and who was behind the kidnapping The trauma that happened after the terrifying ordeal.What I found interesting about this book was how Ms Roberts went about it Many of the books I ve read by Roberts follows a certain pattern One of which, if something traumatizing happens to a child, it ll shoot forward until they are a certain age With Hideaway, it started when Cate was 10, jumped forward until she was 18 and spent a couple of years there It eventually moved forward until she hit a certain age, but then 50% of the book was Cate when she was younger And I loved that Getting some of that in depth backstory was wonderfully new for me The reason for the four star review While I did enjoy the book, I loved the way it was written, and the growth behind it It was very predictable on who did what and why it was done.But it was still a wonderful story written by a phenomenal writer. I won an ARC as part of a Goodreads giveaway 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.This was not my favorite Nora Roberts book, I think she has written many other better books, but it was still entertaining and kept me engaged in the story One of my issues was that there was so much character build up in the beginning which was great but the ending seemedabrupt The climax happened about 2 or 3 pages before the end it was almost as if she came up to a deadline and just had to finish it There isn t a whole lot of closure with some of the characters either There is some, but not a lot, of romance Most of the plot is about the issues stemming from the childhood kidnapping and the romance part is almost an afterthought it felt like.

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Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name

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