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    I began reading this book wondering why a mentor of mine suggested that I read it in the first place I began the first few pages with the attitude of yeah, yeah, yeahI know all this stuff alreadymy Mentor obviously has no clue who I am I kept reading, then t

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    Some of my favorite quotes People are training for success when they should be training for failure Failure is farcommon than success poverty isprevalent than wealth and disappointmentnormal than arrival J Wallace Hamilton Many of life s failures are people wh

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    There are only two roads to take in life One is smooth and easy and anyone who wishes, will arrive shortly toit s destinationmediocrity The second is hidden at first, and when exposed is frightening long and full of inconsistencies and obstacles The only reason

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    Life is a series of outcomes Sometimes the outcome is what you want Great Figure out what you did right Sometimes the outcome is what you don t want Great Figure out what you did so you don t do it again Psychologist Simone CaruthersIt was my high school friend, A

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    Rating books5 would read again4 liked would recommend3 was ok2 didn t really like1 hatedI m going to read this again with my teenagers The first part I felt like I knew already but as I readin this book there was a lot of helpful how to advice and practical steps t

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