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Conquest (Making of England, #1) 1066 Senlac Ridge, England William The Bastard, Duke Of Normandy, Defeats Harold Godwinson, King Harold II Of England, In What Will Become Known As The Battle Of Hastings.The Battle Is Hard Fought And Bloody, The Lives Of Thousands Have Been Spent, Including That Of King Harold But England Will Not Be Conquered Easily, The Anglo Saxons Will Not Submit Meekly To Norman Rule.Although His Heroic Deeds Will Nearly Be Lost To Legend, One Man Unites The Resistance His Name Is Hereward Of Bourne, The Champion Of The English His Honour, Bravery And Skill At Arms Will Change The Future Of England His Is The Legacy Of The Noble Outlaw.This Is His Story.

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    This is probably going to be seen as a guilty pleasure and I have glanced at reviews which would suggest it is quite possibly not all that cool to say a bit like admitting to thinking The Da Vinci Code was one hell of a rollicking good and enjoyable read, which is was, you know it , but I thoroughly enjoyed this one Yes, I can see what is wrong with it

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    This novel has a magnificent cover After that, it is a massive disappointment Historically little is known of the outlawed resistance leader Hereward and so there is a lot of latitude to develop his character We know that the man was aggressive enough in his youth to merit outlawry and exile from Anglo Saxon England and we know he returned as a man to l

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    Absolutely dreadful I know it is about the Dark Ages just but it s simply fantasy Please be honest, as an author, if you made it up No part of this struck me as historical, much seemed rather hysterical and not in the funny ha ha way If you ...

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    It is 1066 and England is about to undergo the most cataclysmic change of history since the arrival of the Roman legions On one side, the last Saxon king Harold II On the other side, William Duke of Normandy, William the Bastard, William the Conqueror The story is recreated on the Bayeux Tapestry which despite being a pro English piece of propaganda, site

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I m going to break my unofficial golden rule of not reviewing a book before I ve read it all the way through as I m pretty confident that I ve got the measure of this read.This is the second interpretation of the legend of Hereward of Bourne aka Hereward The Wake that I ve come

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    While I was reading this I was constantly telling myself to hold on that little bit further, just keep on going, it will pick up but it didn t The whole book felt very naive, at least that s how I would describe it Naive and simple I wanted to like this a lot simply because it was about a real life man Hereward who I had never heard of before and I wanted t

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    Sadly this book has a lot of good plots and interesting characters Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardarada, William Duke of Normandy, El Sid andand covers many years worth of history from different countries that the author Stewart Binns really should have slowed the pace down, focused on a few key moments and maybe made this one book into a trilogy at least.The

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    Set during an interesting period of English history, this book tells the tale of a character called Hereward of Bourne My main issue with the book is the shallow and featureless characters, in fact probably some of the worst characters I ve come across Despite the book covering a large time span, I never really feel like I got to know the characters, and foun

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    It was ok I like, read and write historical text books and novels This book could not make up its mind what it was, and it takes a writerskilled than this to blend the two without losing the characterisation One thing I did learn from reading this was where that line was and I hope on re edit that I haven t done the same in my stuff and if I have, to sort it o

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    The story gets off to a promising start and as the enigmatic warrior begins to tell his story and sheds lights on the history of the sinister talisman of truth I had high hopes that the story would continue to be a tale of heroic deeds However, I thought the rest of the story was quite lacking in adventurous appeal, and as I becameandbored, I started to give up

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