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Bulletproof Problem Solving Reading Bulletproof Problem Solving Charles Conn Nature Explore.eu There Is Presently No Systematic Process That Leads To Great Problem Solving In Bulletproof Problem Solving, Two Alumni Of McKinsey Company Present A Powerful Visual Framework For People Who Want To Become Highly Skilled Problem Solvers Over The Past 20 Years, Tens Of Thousands Of McKinsey Employees Have Learned This Approach It Is Robust And Tested McKinsey S Reputation As Outstanding Problem Solvers Is Based On This Seven Step Systematic Process The Authors Work Through Thirty Real World Examples, Employing A Highly Visual Logic Tree Approach, With Than Fifty Graphics Readers Will Learn To Define A Problem, Unpack And Understand It, And Ultimately Solve It In A Meaningful Way The Authors Start With Everyday Examples, Before Delving Into Problem Solving In The Workplace, Helping Business Professionals Tackle Challenges And Persevere.

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