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ليالي ألف ليلة Under extraordinary circumstances, how will humans react The book starts off with the worst of the worst, then proceeds to run the gamut of good and bad I loved this book Morality under a microscope with a flair for the fantastic And it s not done in a heavy handed manner You don t get beaten over the head with the message, the author assumes you re clever enough to pick it up on your own Funny, I just saw it on the shelf at the library, thought, Hmmthis looks pretty thin, so I picked it up Lo and behold, it s better than most books twice its size. A Renowned Nobel Prize Winning Novelist Refashions The Classic Tales Of Scheherazade In His Own Imaginative, Spellbinding Style Here Are Genies And Flying Carpets, Aladdin And Sinbad, Ali Baba, And Many Other Familiar Stories, Made New By The Magical Pen Of The Acknowledged Dean Of Arabic Letters The thing about 1001 Nights is the ending, where Sherzhade gets to keep her head Would you really like to be married to a man who kept beheading wives on the first day of the honeymoon Mahfouz seems to be playing with this idea and some others in this quasi sequel to Arabian Nights In part, he explores why a sultan can do something and an everyman cannot He deals with the question of faith and how stories and telling change our view of that This novel is like a series of inter connected short stories where characters and character types from the Nights play out The stories are locally focused and a little less adventuress than some of the tales in the Nights, but it is a deep and quiet book. Great epic This is an interesting book with a lot of symbolism The problem is that I am very character driven and this book like other Mahfouz books I have read goes through many characters quickly and never lets me feel a bond with any of them I can imagine others enjoying this book, but it is just not for me. The book starts at the end of Arabian Nights with the sultan announcing to the Vizier that he has decided not to kill Shaharazad after all, much to her father s relief.Then, the tales she has just finished telling play out in the city in a magical realism style that left me feeling something had been lost in translation Was this a commentary on 20th century events Some deep philosophical pondering on human nature I couldn t tell.Meanwhile, Shaharazad worries her husband s reprieve will turn out in the end to be temporary After all, how can you EVER trust someone with so much blood on his hands Every now and then the book starts to get into Shaharazad s backstory, or get into what post tales life is like, but stops to get into yet another tale where yet another character is beheaded If the book had been all about Shaharazad it would have been a good addition to the retellings of 1001 Nights as it is, I didn t really care about any of the characters and at the end was convinced I had missed something The text may have been translated, but I think the subtext was left behind in the original edition. Beneath the surface, in the depths of consciousness, lie the shadows that poison and ruin, their maws salivating at the prospect of devouring from within and without In Arabian Nights and Days, the shadows manifest through the jinn, their draw and provocation the catalyst that breed the inhuman condition This is portrayed in Qumqam, Zarmabaha, and the owner of the Invisibility Cap, mystical beings that corrupt and influence the imperfect souls of Sanaan al Gamali, the reputable men of the city, and Fadil Sanaan These manifestations pull out the basest emotions of the heart and soul, despair, lust, and the promise of power the gateway to chaos and atrocities Once enslaved to the shadows, their salvation come at a heavy price Perhaps, it is in the realization that the soul has these shadows within that civilizations can rise above inhumanity If only God is perfection, surely humans can aspire That is what separates humankind form animals and monsters In embracing human fallibility, the oceans within will be pacified and its shadows brought into light. Based loosely on the Arabian Nights, this novel begins with a description of the sultan Shariyar as a bloodthirsty despot who is contemplating doing away with his wife, Sharzhad, should she fail to continue entertaining him with stories We are then treated to several stories of people related to both Shariyar and Sharzhad either by blood or politics, which can be one and the same thing in this context Excellent character studies and a continued emphasis on political and moral corruption, with the added twist of the interventions of godlessness and evil in the lives of the people Another most excellent read. I read this about 15 years ago and decided to reread it Loved it even than the first time.Justice, life, death love are explored in ways that can challenge those steeped only in Western concepts.If you read the original 1001 Nights and have a minimal understanding of Sufi teachings or even Buddhism or other Eastern religions , you ll appreciate the deeper psychological spiritual levels of being that Mahfouz explores.The stories remind me of a stream of consciousness, where enlightenment results in either life or death And death is by no means a permanent state The two are fused, with no difference at times.Mahfouz takes you on a magical journey, traveling to inner and outer spaces Are you ready for a ride on his wonderful flying carpet

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