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Anger Is My Middle Name: A Memoir An Empowering Memoir Of Resilience And Redemption, And The Rage That Helped A Girl Escape The Darkness Of A Harrowing Childhood Born To A Violently Dysfunctional Home In Working Class Denmark, Lisbeth Zornig Andersen And Her Three Older Brothers Were Bounced Between Foster Care And State Run Institutions, Then Back Again To Their Chemically Dependent Mother And Sadistic Stepfather For Lisbeth, It Was A Childhood Without Perimeters It Was Blighted By Poverty, Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Betrayal, And Further Victimization By The Broken Danish Social Services System That Forced Lisbeth To Live Where And How It Saw Fit Coming Of Age With A Myriad Of Fears And Emotional Disorders, Lisbeth Had Three Things That Would Become Driving Forces In Her Life She Was Extraordinarily Bright, Extremely Willful, And Exceptionally AngryFrom Hell To Liberation, This Is Lisbeth S Emotional And Galvanizing Memoir Told In Two Voices That Of A Young Girl Who Was Unwanted, Challenged, And Defiant, And That Of A Woman Who Channeled Her Rage Into A Positive Force As A Passionate Advocate For Children S Rights Whatever Darkness Defines The Past, It Can Be Used To Change The Future Lisbeth S Heart Wrenching And Ultimately Uplifting Journey Is Proof

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    I honestly don t even feel right about writing a review regarding something that was so incredibly heartbreaking This memoir will rip your heart out and stomp on it I can t even begin to put into words how devastating this read was Thank you Lisbeth for being brave and sharing your story with us I can t not even begin to fathom what you went thro

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    Anger Is My Middle Name is a heart wrenching, disturbing, and raw memoir about a girl who has experienced so much, and has shown immense bravery and courage to share her story with the world She does this to educate others to encourage people to speak up to help people recognize the signs of someone else who may be going through it and may not be

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    Well, can you really rate a person s life S

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    I received an ARC of Anger is my Middle Name by Lisbeth Zornig Andersen translated by Mark Mussari This is Lisbeth s memoir of growing up in Denmark in a very dysfunctional household, dealing with neglect, sexual abuse, and physical violence Her story was difficult to read for two reasons, the first because the content was hard to stomach The people

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    TW abuse, neglect, childhood adolescent sexual assault, rapeThis was a really interesting memoir about Lisbeth s life and how it has shaped her into the person she is today She discusses what has happened to her in a matter of fact way and explains how each thing shaped her behaviour.She explains anger as a feeling as well as a behaviour She doesn t

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    Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing this book in exchange for an honest review I had a hard time getting into this book, I think because of how the translation worked, but once I did, it held my attention Often it is hard to read because of the neglect and abuse she and her family experienced At times it was uplifting to see the peo

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    ShockIt s rather difficult to understand how a small child can go through so much and yet be clever enough to hide her inner most fears and still surface as a well educated adult and help her own children to become rounded individuals surround by love and determinative lots of evil to overcome and adherent behaviour such a fantastic read although upset

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    MovingIt s always difficult to review a memoir like this one, one certainly can t say I thoroughly enjoyed this book about a hellish childhood but, as a fellow survivor, I felt touched and less alone by hearing her story.

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    This is a difficult read as this is the recollection of a childhood of mental, physical, sexual abuse combined with fairly severe neglect mainly due to her mother s relational instability, generational poverty and alcohol abuse I had nearly decided to not read it as it came in on inter library loan, then the corona lockdown happened and the book sat for

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    A lovely summer memory of a time when my brothers were protecting me, but also a memory of a childhood without the boundaries every child needs A childhood characterized for many years by betrayal, violence, and sexual assault, all of which formed the person I am today This was a very difficult book to read but I enjoyed reading about the life and trauma

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