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A Tale of Love and Darkness Tragic, Comic, And Utterly Honest, A Tale Of Love And Darkness Is At Once A Family Saga And A Magical Self Portrait Of A Writer Who Witnessed The Birth Of A Nation And Lived Through Its Turbulent HistoryIt Is The Story Of A Boy Growing Up In The War Torn Jerusalem Of The Forties And Fifties, In A Small Apartment Crowded With Books In Twelve Languages And Relatives Speaking Nearly As Many The Story Of An Adolescent Whose Life Has Been Changed Forever By His Mother S Suicide When He Was Twelve Years Old The Story Of A Man Who Leaves The Constraints Of His Family And Its Community Of Dreamers, Scholars, And Failed Businessmen To Join A Kibbutz, Change His Name, Marry, Have Children The Story Of A Writer Who Becomes An Active Participant In The Political Life Of His Nation Back Cover

About the Author: Amos Oz

Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner was an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He was also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He was regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize In 2007, a selection from the Chinese translation of A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first work of modern Hebrew literature to appear in an official Chinese textbook.Since 1967, Oz had been a prominent advocate of a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

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    By far, the best book that I ve read this year.It is a long one but worth all the time I spent on it It is a memoir that begins with Amos Oz born 1939 birth in Israel and ends with the death of his father His mother died twenty years earlier than that and in between those two deaths he did not hear from his father anything about his mother as if his mother did not exist This novel can

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    There are books which, after you ve read them, would give you this silent thought either that you could have written them yourself or maybe you could write something like them too someday Then there are those books which would have the opposite effect, similar to what happened to Virginia Woolf after reading Marcel Proust s Swann s Way the first book of In Search of Lost Time her litera

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    A Tale of Love Darkness by Amos Oz is a most extraordinary book, an exceedingly personal insightful account of a life that began when Palestine was a British mandated territory, with the author coming of age as Israel was born It is a story that vastly transcends the label of autobiography and which manages to encapsulate the extreme complexity of the author s life and the initial 50 yea

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    This is one book which I absolutely loved It s a coming of age tale of the author and his country.I had hopes of writing a detailed review had underlined so many passages, made copious notes and even made a rough outline But then, I find that I cannot do it Some books are like that for me too complex and rich to be analysed.Amos Oz narrates the tale of his dysfunctional family his proud and

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    A moving, intense memoir of the life of this prolific Israel author, tells of life in the Land of Israel from the 1930s until the early 1950s The author manages to juggle humor and sadness, in a book which does bring to life the Israel of that time It is circular in nature and not chronological and dwells also on life in Europe for Jews before the re establishment of the Jewish State The two

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    This memoir recounts the author s life in the formative years of the nation of Israel as well as the years leading up to 1948, as well as the lives of his parents and many relatives from various parts of Europe It s not only the memoir of a child who grew to become a writer and needs to tell of the terrors and memories of his childhood It s also a memoir of the young state peopled by so many fr

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    OK, the book is completed and I am having difficulty choosing between 4 or 5 stars, so I guess I will choose 4 It is best to save 5 stars for those books that you are sure must get 5 Otherwise 5 stars doesn t mean much There is a lot to think about in this book That is why I like the book It seems to me a very Jewish trait to analyze, discuss and argue about everything I like that Nevertheless in

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    It is a crime to try to rush through this richly textured memoir, you have to slow down, you have to savour it and let its images sink in, you have to see, through the eyes of the alien only child that was Amos Oz, the strange melange of old world jews bickering and conjuring up an extraordinary new, yet ancient country, ripping it out of an existing land, dreams centuries old and a great many nigh

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    Although I think the book would have benefited from some tightening, particularly in the last quarter, A Tale of Love and Darkness is a masterpiece.

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    Justice without compassion isn t justice it s an abattoir Reading A Tale of Love and Darkness is like watching tiny green shoots pop up from loamy soil You watch them grow with anticipation, only to see them wither, and then shoot up again to reach new heights They mature, falter again, and then finally ripen in old age.In this spellbinding memoir, Amos Oz is one of those little shoots, growing up in t

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