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A Silken Thread Brenda Jackson is one of my favorite authors This book was a little bit different from her other feel good books I felt at times the story was spread too thin between all the characters it just seemed a lot was going on I did like the fact that she switched the story line up and made it gritty The mom character was just downright evil and diabolical I felt Erica was ignorant I mean she grew up with this woman she should ve been a bit less naive about her mothers antics Also the story line with her and the fianc was a little dry I enjoyed reading about Rita and Wilson having a sordid affair I thought maybe because they are older that it might have been too much but it was actually pretty sweet However there is no way on Gods green earth that I d ever believe a man would wait 23 years to have a sexual encounter that s preposterous April and Griffin s relationship was exciting than the two main characters I wanted the author to go into details about those two When Mrs Sanders told her that lie I wanted April to grow a backbone and let her have it finally The book overall was pretty good and very entertaining especially the Mom She s the kind of character you love to hate. I am always excited and anxious when one of my favorite authors publishes a new book I have enjoyed previous works by Brenda Jackson as her stories are full of passion, heart, and power In A Silken Thread, Jackson s new series Hattersville, Ohio, I experienced all of this along with the added element of intrigue Erica Sanders and Brian Lawson have met by chance on a summer vacation, fell in love, and are planning their dream wedding and future together Everyone can see how much in love they are But, little do they know that their love has set off an unexpected chain of events for those closest in their lives Two of Erica s best friends will now be free to express their love for each other, and an unlikely pair will begin an illicit affair But, the biggest surprise will come from Erica s mother, a first class manipulator, as she twists outcomes to fit her own deranged plan All of the characters will be tested, and will find out love, like silk, is flexible, adaptable, strong yet delicate And when love is left hanging by a thread, you will wonder who will survive the secrets and betrayals.Master storyteller Brenda Jackson has woven a delightful tale that took me on a ravishing and romantic ride from the very first page The main characters play well against one another, and the secondary romances are as entertaining as the main one The natural progression of the secondary characters and storylines was well done so I did not feel overwhelmed I enjoyed how each of the romances presents different issues, but yet all are connected I commend the author on how she handled the infidelity situation, it was not only tasteful, but had me cheering on the participants The skillful characterization imbued the characters with spunk, humor, and much ingenuity to survive all of the plot twists I also enjoyed how the characters addressed their short comings where they came from, and how sometimes it is harder to acknowledge them in order to be free of them The town of Hattersville is very much a character in the book, and reminded me of Peyton Place.A Silken Thread will please Brenda Jackson fans and attract new readers I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy heartwarming stories with a blend of romance, intrigue, secrets and survival I look forward to reading the next book in the series.This book was provided by the publisher for review purposesReviewed by BeverlyAPOOO BookClub For Erica Sanders, Finding A Soul Mate Was The Easy Part Brian Lawson Is The Man She Wants, And Everyone Agrees They Re The Ideal Couple Almost Everyone The One Exception Is Erica S Mother, Karen, Who Prefers Her Daughter Marry Another Man Karen Even Hires A Private Detective To Investigate Brian, But The Truth He Uncovers Is The Last Thing She Expected A Devastating Betrayal That Rips Both Families Apart.Convinced That Her Relationship Can T Be Salvaged, Erica Ends Her Engagement Yet She Has Lingering Doubts Over Her Decision, Especially Once Brian S Attractive Single Neighbor Starts Pursuing Him A Chance Meeting Proves That The Passion Between Brian And Erica Hasn T Dimmed But Neither Has The Determination Of Others To Keep Them Apart, Or The Shocking Lengths Karen Will Go To In Order To Undermine Her Daughter S Relationship.As Secrets Old And New Are Revealed, Erica And Brian Find Themselves Caught Between The Bonds Of The Past And An Uncertain Future, Each Making Painful Discoveries About Who To Believe And Trust Masterfully Told And Laced With The Sensuality And Drama That Brenda Jackson Does Best, This Is An Unforgettable Story Of Relationships At Their Most Complex, And How Hard It Can Be To Choose Between Living Separate Lives Or Holding Fast When Love Hangs By A Silken Thread. te yorumum Yak n zamanda okuyup bitirdi im ve yo unluktan yorumunu yazamad m bir kitap daha Ge olsun g olmas n diyerek incelemeye ba l yorum ncelikle yazar n okudu um ilk kitab oldu unu belirteyim.Ancak yazar n diline ok abuk al t m.Takip edece im yazarlar s ras 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out Some of the stories I thought would future installments were wrapped up here, so it will be interesting to see what s next. Ohohooo Ohohoooo Oohohohooo Yok Art k Ohoohooo A z m be kar a k b rakt rd ya Brenda Jackson un yazd Pamuk pli i soluksuz okundu, bitti Yazar n kalemi ok iyi ya Bende ok zerine ok yaratt resmen Ephesus un en iyi kitaplar ndan biri diyebilirim.Yaln z bu yazar ger ekten ok iyimi yle bir olay rg s var k, ak c l n b rak her b l m n ard n merak ediyorsun Ve yle bir i lemi ki Yazarda ki cesarete bak sen hele, ay p ay p P Neden mi Ohohooo neler oldu una inanamazs n z.Aile ili kileri, a k hikayeleri, duygusall k ve dram Kendini soluksuz okutan modern bir, hay r hay r a k hikayesi Bir ciltlik kitapta onlarca s priz Ayr ca kitap bir veya iki karakterin a z ndan de ildi Al lagelmi in d na km yazar As l karakterler Erica ile Brian olsa da, Wilson, Rita, Karen, Griffin, April ve Donna Her karakterin okuyabilirsin Ve birinden bir di erine ge i ler de kopukluk da olmam evirisi de d zg n zaten Herneyse te onlar n s rlar , ya ad klar ve a klar sizi ok zerine oka u rat yor Yazar karakterlerini zellikleri ile ok iyi kayna t rm Kimi bana t rnak yedirtti, kimi g l msetti, kimi de ka atmama sebep oldu.Hele o Karen yok mu Karen Erica n n deli zekiye annesi Yapt klar n okuduk a sinirden midem a r d Fakat en sonunda onun da ge mi ini renincei, ac mamak elde de il ki Of, salak kar benim y re imi hoplat p durdu.Kitapta k t karakter yok asl nda Bir iki irret var sadece D Ve herkes hak etti ini buluyor Kimi kazanan, kimi ise kaybedenOh, bu kitap okunur Herkese tavsiye ederim. I m going to need another story out of Hattersville, Ohio Who needs All My Children when you have the Delbert, Hayes, and Sanders families to filll your days with These people are off the chain with their intrique, scandals, and not quite s0 dead relatives Brenda Jackson has managed to take in another great direction Good stuff. Wow This story had potential to be a 4 or 5 star book but the main characters were boring Some of the major twists was so obvious The secondary characters are the best part of the story Good but could have been better. An Applause and A Standing ovation to Mrs Jackson I have to start out by saying even though I love Brenda Jackson s book series, this book was a breath of fresh air It s a book from start to finish that doesn t come with a series, so this makes it a little different and exciting please note I love her series and not hating on them She changes this book up a bit, the way she combines everyone, the way she involves everyone and the way she brought them together, now with saying that The book was about Erica and Brian but ladies, while I love love love their story so many other individuals stole my heart in this book as well as the different story lines The best way to describe it it s like Young The Restless to the tenth level a very good soap opera and you know a soap opera includes the big dramas, the big lies, the big secrets and and who likes who from who doesn t like whomever etc, etc With saying that, I had favorites at first, of couples through out the book but by the end they all made me love them , I don t want to give away who ends up with who but i will say this for one of the couples April and Griffin O.M.G that build up to their relationship, i though it was wonderful but all their stories made you fell in love with them so much PS let s just say this, for Karen she makes the Joker who is a villain on batman seems innocent like a saint if you are a fan of Brenda Jackson then I think you would appreciate this book it s so different but yet familiar Feel free to join my book group on Facebook Romance Novel Junkies and fan page Romance Novel Junkies Book Reviews We have over 500 members, which includes well known and indie authors and avid readers as members who are apart of this group We would love to hear about new books and thoughts Also check out our kindle and ebook lending library Twitter romanceJUNKIES. I really wanated to give this book than 3 stars because I love Brenda Jackson so much I will say that I did like the fact that she totally changed her writing style with this book and this story had a lot depth then her usual I gave this 3 stars because I thought the story line between the main characters Erica and Brian was quite BORING April and Griffin, Rita and Wilson stole the story..and every time the story line went back to Erica and Brian I wanted it to end so that I could read about the other characters, and Karen was some kinda SPECIAL..

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