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A Few Seconds of Panic An Insightful Andamusing Look At The Inner Workings Of Pro Football The New York Times From The Bestselling Author Of Word Freak In Word Freak, Stefan Fatsis Invaded The Insular World Of Competitive Scrabble Players, Ultimately Achieving An Expert Level Ranking Now, In His New Book, He Infiltrates A Strikingly Different Subculture Pro Football Afterthan

About the Author: Stefan Fatsis

Stefan Fatsis is an author, reporter and familiar voice to public radio listeners nationwide.

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    I can t remember the last time I watched a football game I think it was when I was in elementary school.Even though I can t claim a team or quote stats, I was fascinated by this book The biggest takeaway was this Professional football players are just people. They re great athletes, but have insecure jobs and tons of s

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    Since I rarely read nonfiction books, when I do I expect them to be real winners just like this true story of a 43 year old sportswriter who decides to experience the life of an NFL football player by going through Broncos training camp as a field goal kicker Not only was it the story of one man s attempt to be a profess

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    I read Stefan Fatsis s Word Freak a few years ago and enjoyed it, and I m a casual football fan, so when I saw this at the library, I thought it might be a good read I was right In addition to the interesting inside look at the running of a football team, I also got a humbling reminder that football players are human They

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    Fatsis is a professional writer and journalist whose first book Word Freak a documentary about the subculture of competitive Scrabble, professional Scrabble players, and Fatsis attempt at succeeding at competitive Scrabble I enjoyed A Few Seconds of Panic follows the Word Freak mold put yourself in the shoes of the people yo

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    Like almost all books about journalists inserting themselves into situations, the author isn t nearly as interesting as the people who surround them Did I care about Stefan Fatsis s personal journey to be a kicker Not really aside from his battle with the NFL to let him kick in a game I m not a forty year old dad with two knee

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    Stefan Fatsis is a good writer, a better journalist, and possesses an uncanny self awareness That s what makes this something better than a facile, glib piece of participatory journalism He s aware of his own place in the narrative, and comments on it freely, which nicely puts into perspective his biases and point of view.Of cou

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    A wonderful, insightful book covering the author s stint as an aspiring kicker with the pre season Denver Broncos Fatsis writes about his struggle to develop his kicking skills, the business of football, the player...

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    This was a great book to listen to It gave great insight into the lives of the average NFL players, not the multi millionaires, and the daily pain involved in the life of a professional athlete Plus, the author is extremely entertaining.

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    The guys have been passing this one around it was very interesting It definitely shed some new light on the sports industry in general, especially the NFL It made me feel differently about the average NFL player that is, those whose names you will probably never hear of.

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    Fantastic story about a sportswriter who spent three months with the Denver Broncos organization, as a kicker Hilarious, true, and often heartbreakingly sad about the realities of professional football as a career.

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